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As schools approach $30,000 per student in spending, performance plunges

Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. increase spending as enrollment and scores dwindle.

New initiative will provide Ohio teachers with mental health crisis training

Mental health challenges for K-12 students in Ohio schools — and in schools nationwide — were on the rise well before the onset of COVID-19.

3 ways to promote the school and work friendships that foster student success

There’s no replacement for the education system’s important face-to-face role in nurturing cross-class and professional connections.

Oakland school shooting: At least 2 gunmen fired 30-plus rounds, entered building, may have used banned weapons

The city’s police chief said Thursday that the assailants entered the school building to target specific people before fleeing in a vehicle.

State leaders are turning to students to shape education policy

More than 33 states now have some level of student engagement, with over 400 students serving on state boards or state education agencies, according to an analysis from the National Association of State Boards of Education.

The Trevor Project teams up with a student surveillance company accused of LGBTQ+ bias

Many fear the partnership is a ‘seal of approval’ for a company whose surveillance tech disproportionately harms LGBTQ+ youth.

Madison middle school principal ousted after less than a month on the job

A spokesperson says many teachers are upset by the move, and that they expressed to him that Dr. Copeland created a safe and stable environment in school, one that hadn’t been felt until he took over as principal.

N.J. teacher suspended for lessons on Hitler, swastikas sues school district

“The subject class included instruction on the rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazism, and a lesson on totalitarian governments in general, including how such movements gain power,” states the suit, filed Sept. 21 in Superior Court of Bergen County.

Texas school system in crisis, experts say

Staff fatigue, overcrowding and discord among their leadership are a few of the problems—and they may be at a tipping point, education experts say.

Roxborough shooting: If a football scrimmage isn’t safe, what is?

“Every single shooting is sad and heartbreaking, but it’s not the same when it happens in a place that’s supposed to be safe," one Philadelphia teacher said.

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