Attention, CTOs: If you can’t track down devices, chances are they’re in pawn shops

Shockingly enough, some devices end up overseas or in pawn shops, while others are left in classroom closets.

How pandemic-related disturbances drove a 9% decline in public school enrollment

For parents whose child no longer attends public school, most agree that private and charter schools adequately address learning loss.

17 Senate Republicans say mask requirements are ‘unnecessary’ in Head Start programs

A letter addressed to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra argues for mask mandates to be scrapped.

State of the American Student: 3 big ideas for ‘better days’

Big, bold ideas are critical to solving the "truly wicked problems" K-12 leaders face in getting their students, staff and schools back on track over the next several years.

Despite a $1,000 scholarship, signups for tutoring are still lacking

With nearly $2.3 million in COVID relief funds to spend, only $724,000 has been awarded in tutoring scholarships.

Social-emotional learning: Families and teachers say it’s essential for students today

Student mental health is in crisis, and parents overwhelmingly believe that social-emotional learning can be a solution.

4 proof points and pitfalls: Lessons from a year of K-12 tutoring

Context matters. What works in one district may not work in another and outcomes often belie the claims of even the best-intentioned providers.

Nearly 700 superintendents plead for ARP spending deadline to be extended

District leaders across the country say they are in "desperate need" for expedited guidance to ensure ARP funds are effectively spent.

Why students need help avoiding plagiarism coming out of the pandemic

A 2021 report suggests a need for schools to better educate their students on academic integrity as they return to in-person learning.

How the pandemic exposed the quality of education for K-12 parents

K-12 parents became more critical of their child's education during the pandemic, according to a recent survey.

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