Assessment and standards

See who made the 2022 Blue Ribbon Schools list

297 schools were recognized for their achievements academic excellence and their progress in closing learning gaps.

What are the 4 things driving a decline in satisfaction with schools?

There is a drastic satisfaction gap between the opinions of education held by parents of K-12 students and their fellow Americans.

How far have math and reading scores dropped? It’s staggering

The first Nation's Report Card of the pandemic shows math and reading declines that are historic and, in some cases, unprecedented.

6 things we still don’t know about the size of interrupted learning

Educators may not know that "consistent exposure to instruction" was a bigger factor in interrupted learning than race and income.

Students are showing growth during a K-12 recovery that could take years

A full academic rebound will require above-average growth–and for some students, well above average–if educators hope to close achievement gaps as schools bounce back from the pandemic.

Why data is the key to improving your student assessments

If you're like most teachers, you've found yourself, at some point, delivering a lecture only to notice you don't have the attention of your class.

Here comes fresh guidance in choosing the right testing platforms

Interim exams that support immediate instructional decisions have become a key tool for measuring unfinished learning as districts work to recover from the pandemic.

What the latest test results from 3 states say about academic acceleration

High-dosage tutoring, high-quality instruction and summer school are fulling their promise of reversing pandemic learning loss, according to asessment results from one southern state.

State of the education market: Are schools giving educators what they want?

Annual report gauges the use and availability of teaching materials that are aligned to college and career-ready standards, and how lessons are being modified or supplemented.

10 most rigorous high schools in the U.S. ranked in ‘Challenge Index’

Being economically challenged does not prevent students at IDEA McAllen College Prep from having access to the No. 1 most challenging curriculum in the U.S.

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