How far have math and reading scores dropped? It’s staggering

The first Nation's Report Card of the pandemic shows math and reading declines that are historic and, in some cases, unprecedented.

8 things to watch out for as you design culturally responsive teaching

Superintendents and their teams are now getting some guidance around choosing new tools to make the curriculum relevant for all students.

Research backs these 8 strategies for building reading skills in young students

Developing reading comprehension skills in the early grades has been long seen as one of the keys–if not the key–to students' future academic success. What has not been as clear are the best ways to build that capacity.

Students are showing growth during a K-12 recovery that could take years

A full academic rebound will require above-average growth–and for some students, well above average–if educators hope to close achievement gaps as schools bounce back from the pandemic.

Why expanding language access is critical in our increasingly diverse schools

Many districts have hit a roadblock: They're unsure of how to implement robust language access in a way that's most effective for students and their families.

5 fun ways students can avoid a summer slide in reading

Will your students have six minutes available in their day over the summer? Research has shown that the difference between proficient and struggling readers is six extra minutes of reading a day.

Many teachers and principals want politicians to stay out of the classroom

Here's an alert for administrators: Parents are more concerned about non-educators making decisions about what students learn than they are about their children's reading and math skills.

What the latest test results from 3 states say about academic acceleration

High-dosage tutoring, high-quality instruction and summer school are fulling their promise of reversing pandemic learning loss, according to asessment results from one southern state.

State of the education market: Are schools giving educators what they want?

Annual report gauges the use and availability of teaching materials that are aligned to college and career-ready standards, and how lessons are being modified or supplemented.

Boston Public Schools gets failing grades in 4 key areas as a takeover looms

With the specter of state control looming, Boston Public Schools is being sharply criticized for failing to "carry out basic operational functions," among other problems with equity and educating at-risk students.

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