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Active shooter hoaxes are spreading panic. Here’s how to fight back

There are ways to spot active shooter hoaxes, but administrators must also huddle with SROs and the school community to combat the swatting trend.

Student writes of death by ants and AK-47 in ‘death notebook’

The student claims the notebook was pure fantasy, the board said in a message to parents.

Dozens of districts in Carolinas close or go remote awaiting hurricane that blasted Florida

Ian is now forecast to become a hurricane again and barrel through South Carolina and North Carolina on Friday afternoon. Several of the largest districts in the Carolinas are closed.

Student’s ‘death notebook’ was kept hidden for a year—in the principal’s desk

The notebook, inspired by a television show, contained the names of 37 classmates he allegedly wanted to kill.

4 reasons these are the hardest school positions to staff right now

Special education teachers and transportation staff accounted for the most concerning school staff shortages, a survey finds.

We must deploy technology now to help schools close gaps in social care

Nurses, counselors and social workers face far more student needs than they can possibly fulfill as other tasks are pulling them away from their primary job duties.

Will schools ever provide universal free meals? Now, help is on the way

Serving healthy and free meals to all students is a key pillar of the Biden Administration's wide-ranging effort to wipe out child hunger.

Senate Republicans: Title IX proposals erase 50 years of progress

The Biden Administration "has seized our nation's primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities," Republicans write.

5 ways school leaders can take DEI from awareness to action

One in three U.S. students attended a racially, and often socioeconomically, segregated school in 2020-21, creating inequitable learning environments and outcomes.

Friday night plights: High school football games disrupted by shootings and gun threats

One school canceled its homecoming dance so students could "breathe, reflect and heal" after gunshots were fired during a football game.

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