Senate Republicans: Title IX proposals erase 50 years of progress

The Biden Administration "has seized our nation's primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities," Republicans write.

5 ways school leaders can take DEI from awareness to action

One in three U.S. students attended a racially, and often socioeconomically, segregated school in 2020-21, creating inequitable learning environments and outcomes.

Transgender students face new pressure in this state. But schools vow their support

Leaders in several Virginia districts affirm commitments to inclusive climates in response to new K-12 policy that defines "sex” as strictly biological.

These political advocacy groups have banned over 1,500 books in school libraries

During the 2021-22 school year, there have been 2,532 instances of banned books, which have been driven by political advocacy groups.

4 ways Black students with disabilities will get equal access in school

Black students with disabilities more often receive "stigmatizing classifications" such as developmental delay but their parents have more difficulty accessing special support.

Chronic absenteeism may be a crisis. Fun is one of many solutions

Chronic absenteeism is not the fault of students who miss too much school. In fact, one expert says, kids can play a key in solving the problem. Here's how.

6 things we still don’t know about the size of interrupted learning

Educators may not know that "consistent exposure to instruction" was a bigger factor in interrupted learning than race and income.

How 6 school districts are using fresh funding to help homeless students

Homeless students are seeing unprecedented levels of funding support as districts work to stem one of the most troubling enrollment drops of the last few years.

Report: Censorship in K-12 and higher ed has rapidly grown

Legislation targeting free speech in K-12 and higher has spiked by 250% this year, according to a new report.

LGBTQ+ student protections: Politics are getting in the way

As schools battle to protect the privacy of their transgender students, conservative groups are meeting them with resistance.

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