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We must deploy technology now to help schools close gaps in social care

Nurses, counselors and social workers face far more student needs than they can possibly fulfill as other tasks are pulling them away from their primary job duties.

Will schools ever provide universal free meals? Now, help is on the way

Serving healthy and free meals to all students is a key pillar of the Biden Administration's wide-ranging effort to wipe out child hunger.

Why this big district is putting lifesaving Narcan in every school

After a string of student opioid overdoses, including the death of a 15-year-old girl, Los Angeles USD ramps up safety measures with Narcan.

Want to become a ‘whole child’ school? Here are 2 sets of blueprints

"Whole child education" is gaining fresh momentum as some leaders shy away from the politicization swirling around social-emotional learning.

Boston Public Schools reports its first monkeypox case

In a statement to parents, the district reports its first case of monkeypox affecting an "adult member" of the not yet identified school.

Can a new K-12 coalition win the battle over SEL misinformation?

Opponents have called SEL "indoctrination" and lumped it into campaigns against critical race theory, LGBTQ awareness and sex education.

Security stimulus: Schools are getting $1 billion for student health and safety

Education leaders urged to use $1 billion in school safety funding for PD, emergency, and mental health support rather than infrastructure.

Let them eat: How a task force is trying to bring back universal school meal programs

An independent task force offers recommendations for reinstating universal school meal programs to students across the U.S.

Social-emotional learning: Families and teachers say it’s essential for students today

Student mental health is in crisis, and parents overwhelmingly believe that social-emotional learning can be a solution.

9 ways school leaders can encourage students to report violent threats

Building student and staff confidence that threat reporting will lead to action remains critical to K-12 leaders' efforts to prevent school violence.

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