Senate Republicans: Title IX proposals erase 50 years of progress

The Biden Administration "has seized our nation's primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities," Republicans write.

Transgender students face new pressure in this state. But schools vow their support

Leaders in several Virginia districts affirm commitments to inclusive climates in response to new K-12 policy that defines "sex” as strictly biological.

What do the comments say about Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX?

Over 210,500 comments were submitted in response to Biden's proposed Title IX changes, and there are a healthy variety of opinions...

Is Oklahoma’s new ‘bathroom bill’ a violation of the U.S. Constitution?

Oklahoma's new law restricting transgender students' access to restrooms faces legal opposition from students who argue it's a constitutional violation.

One teacher lands a payday at the expense of LGBTQ+ protections

A former educator sued her school after they suspended her for refusing to address a student by their new chosen name.

LGBTQ+ student protections: Politics are getting in the way

As schools battle to protect the privacy of their transgender students, conservative groups are meeting them with resistance.

More children’s books under siege by Florida school district

As censorship continues to creep into K-12 schools' libraries, one district is starting to place warning labels on their children's books.

Florida schools are told to ignore Biden’s LGBTQ discrimination guidelines

A memo from the Florida Department of Education urges its schools to disregard the Biden Administration's Title IX guidelines.

‘Culture of fear’: Do LGBTQ+ students get enough support at school?

Teacher survey: LGBTQ+ students are the least likely population to have their needs met at school but teaching about the community's history is seen as less important than other topics.

Why the lack of LGBTQ school board members is a problem

The fraction of school board members who say they are part of the LGBTQ+ community is tiny. But the level of verbal attacks and physical threats they are enduring is not.

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