Student behavior

Why this big district is putting lifesaving Narcan in every school

After a string of student opioid overdoses, including the death of a 15-year-old girl, Los Angeles USD ramps up safety measures with Narcan.

Want to become a ‘whole child’ school? Here are 2 sets of blueprints

"Whole child education" is gaining fresh momentum as some leaders shy away from the politicization swirling around social-emotional learning.

Can a new K-12 coalition win the battle over SEL misinformation?

Opponents have called SEL "indoctrination" and lumped it into campaigns against critical race theory, LGBTQ awareness and sex education.

Chronic absenteeism may be a crisis. Fun is one of many solutions

Chronic absenteeism is not the fault of students who miss too much school. In fact, one expert says, kids can play a key in solving the problem. Here's how.

Bullies do this more often than fighting or teasing. This is how leaders can help stop it

The most common form of bullying, social exclusion, is a form of “relational aggression” in which students are left out of group activities.

School cellphone rules: Why they’re such a difficult call for districts

Is it possible to let students carry their cellphones and also prevent distractions and disruptions? Not everyone agrees.

9 ways school leaders can encourage students to report violent threats

Building student and staff confidence that threat reporting will lead to action remains critical to K-12 leaders' efforts to prevent school violence.

Hazing cancels football season at one high school and is disrupting play elsewhere

Repeated hazing incidents captured on video have tanked the football season at Middletown Area High School in central Pennsylvania.

Why mental health days can help but will not solve a bigger crisis

Allowing students to take mental health days when they are struggling emotionally is a positive step but won't solve the wider crisis K-12 leaders are confronting. 

Rural schools build their own arsenal of AR-15 rifles to stop shooters

AR-15s will be stored in gun safes in undisclosed locations in Madison County's six schools so resource officers can "meet violence with violence."

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