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Attention, CTOs: If you can’t track down devices, chances are they’re in pawn shops

Shockingly enough, some devices end up overseas or in pawn shops, while others are left in classroom closets.

3 ways school leaders and edtech partners can close learning gaps together

To meet each student right where they are, administrators can look to districts that used dynamic personalized learning to prevent learning loss and support teachers.

Numbers don’t lie: Is it time for schools to require computer science?

Although access to computer science education has increased, only 5.6% of high school students are enrolled in a course.

Students lack important data about themselves. Here’s what they want

Less than half of high school students received information about whether they’re meeting grade-level expectations or if they’re on track to graduate, a survey says.

3 ways hands-on learning makes computer science accessible to all

With the digital evolution and technology-driven future, teaching computer science is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Data breach: 6 ways to defend sensitive school data

“Data breach” is one of the scariest phrases a school administrator can hear. The leak of sensitive student and staff information can be a chilling (and expensive) problem.

Disregard this message: Hacker shares X-rated image in Seesaw app

Families and teachers using the learning management system received a message with a link to a sexually explicit photo, the company announced.

This is why it’s imperative for smaller districts to share information about cyberattacks

Information-sharing centers can help districts with fewer resources to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.

Online threats are closing schools every day. So how do we stop them?

The threats are hitting K-12 networks every day and are now the main culprit in closures after several years of COVID shutdowns.

How a new technology—avatar-based SEL—is supporting more students

Avatar-based technology uses an engaging platform that is both meaningful and impactful in addressing students' mental health.

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