Why are school librarians so misunderstood?

K-12 media specialists have to constantly prove their worth and advocate for their programs, librarian Lauren Mobley says.

Edtech innovators: The students are what motivate him to serve his district

For this edtech leader, it's all about getting out from behind the desk and developing relationships with the students.

FETC 2023: Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming sessions and workshops

Here's an early look at some of the workshops and sessions that are scheduled to take place at FETC© 2023.

Edtech innovators: Why this former teacher is now a go-to edtech consultant for educators

FETC© 2023 featured speaker Dr. Monica Burns shares her journey to becoming a pioneer in edtech consulting.

Edtech innovators: This leader has long known the importance of kids learning technology

FETC© 2023 featured speaker Diane Doersch says she looks forward to seeing transformation among districts as they enter another school year.

Watching ed-tech innovators: How to help students seize the future

Developing a student-centered mindset and measuring skills such as creativity and self-regulation are the keys to transforming schools.

4 questions to help you identify “tech-able” moments

How do you thoughtfully and strategically bring digital tools to your classroom? As a professional development facilitator, it’s top of mind.

Watching ed-tech innovators: What new skills are they helping students develop?

New technological skills teachers have developed are a big source of ed-tech innovator Andre Daughty's optimism for the 2022-23 school year.

Enter to win the Top Ed Tech Product of the Year awards

Education leaders looking to explore their options among the rapidly growing education-tech marketplace — which has grown even more crowded  — often turn to...

We must trust Black women if we are ever going to diversify ed-tech

Only 28% of people working in the tech industry are women, and a staggering 2% of those are Black women. It's time that we must address the challenges Black women face in the tech workplace.

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