Instructional technology

3 ways school leaders and edtech partners can close learning gaps together

To meet each student right where they are, administrators can look to districts that used dynamic personalized learning to prevent learning loss and support teachers.

Numbers don’t lie: Is it time for schools to require computer science?

Although access to computer science education has increased, only 5.6% of high school students are enrolled in a course.

3 ways hands-on learning makes computer science accessible to all

With the digital evolution and technology-driven future, teaching computer science is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Disregard this message: Hacker shares X-rated image in Seesaw app

Families and teachers using the learning management system received a message with a link to a sexually explicit photo, the company announced.

How a new technology—avatar-based SEL—is supporting more students

Avatar-based technology uses an engaging platform that is both meaningful and impactful in addressing students' mental health.

Edtech overload? Survey finds state education leaders could do more to help

Data on whether ed-tech programs and products are being used effectively is not universally collected by state education agencies, officials say.

How to create a perfect training spot for esports

A successful arena must include good technology, be highly transformable, take into account the behavior of esports fans, and be suitable for a variety of events.

How strict are your cellphone rules? Here’s what other districts allow

Are cellphones allowed in your school's classrooms or hallways? If you answered "yes" to the first part of the question, you're in a dwindling minority of K-12 leaders. How strict are your cellphone rules? Here's what other districts are doing

School cellphone rules: Why they’re such a difficult call for districts

Is it possible to let students carry their cellphones and also prevent distractions and disruptions? Not everyone agrees.

How Rio Rancho schools support equitable learning with instructional audio

Most schools buy microphones and speakers for classrooms. We’ve taken things one step further and built amplification systems directly into the DNA of our new schools.

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