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Online threats are closing schools every day. So how do we stop them?

The threats are hitting K-12 networks every day and are now the main culprit in closures after several years of COVID shutdowns.

6 tweets of the week: Tips on tackling the biggest issues in education

There are no signs that diversity and censorship will fall off the list of biggest issues in K-12, and they are front and center on #edchat.

Do the pros of banning cellphones in school outweigh the cons?

Administrators should expect pushback and concerns about school climate when restricting students' use of cell phones.

Tweets of the week: How educators are rekindling students’ excitement about learning

It's all about classes getting underway and making a little history in DA Daily's latest tweets of the week.

Tweets of the week: Sharing words of wisdom for the new school year

Educators are encouraging each other to be courageous as the new school year gets underway in District Administration's K-12 tweets of the week.

Monitoring students online should keep them safe. Here are 7 problems

Is the purpose of tracking online activity to protect or punish students? Too often, it seems to be the latter, researchers say.

Tweets of the week show education Twitter hoping for a more normal school year

Some leaders, such as Principal Stacey Anderson of Woodland School District 50 in Illinois, are using education Twitter to give shout-outs to their new teams. 

3 superintendents to watch: Charting a new normal for education

Regularly filling in as a substitute has given Terrell ISD Superintendent Georgeanne Warnock some critical perspectives on the big picture and the small details.

Where are your stakeholders? Many want to hear from you on social media

Meeting students where they are is a modern mantra for learning. When it comes to communications, "meeting parents and families where they are" is the new rallying cry. 

Email rules! 8 things to know about leaders’ favorite ways to reach families

In a world of texts, Tweets and Snaps, it may come as a surprise to hear that good old email is still the No. 1 tool education leaders use to keep the school community informed.

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